Covid 19 Statement & Conditions of Stay

Book With Confidence

All bookings affected by Welsh/UK Government travel restrictions and imposed/national lockdowns will have the option of a postponement to a later date. We’ll aim to move your holiday within 12 months of the original arrival date, subject to availability and price change. We kindly ask you to inform us of any necessary cancellations as soon as possible.

Covid 19 – Conditions of Stay

These Covid 19 Conditions of Stay have been drawn in line with our Covid 19 Risk Assessment.

Covid 19 – Good to Go

To reduce the risk of transmission to us and our family and to future guests, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Adhere to our check in/out times: Check in 4pm-8pm and Check out is 10am. We have a strict cleaning schedule to follow with each changeover and want to air the property as much we can before new arrivals. Keeping to this allocated time frame is important to keep you and us safe
  2. On arrival, please use the hand sanitizer near the bin store by the parking area to ensure your hands are sanitised before using the key box and entering the Shepherds Hut and Amenity Hut.
  3. Regularly wash your hands and sanitise during your stay. Covid 19 is a disease belonging to the Coronavirus family of viruses. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus which means it is wrapped in a protective layer of lipids (fats) and protein. Washing your hands in soap or disinfecting them with hand sanitizer, are effective way to dissolve the viruses’ protective envelope which then exposes and kills the virus.
  4. On departure, place all bed linen (duvet cover, sheet, mattress protector, pillow case, pillow protector), towels, dishcloths and tea towel in the black bin bag which will be left for you under the kitchen sink in the shepherds hut.
  5. Empty fridge and cupboards and sort out all waste appropriately between the general and recycling bins located in the bin store on your way to the parking area.

To recuce the risk of transmission to us and our guests, we will:

  1. Adhere to our Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Requirement Document drawn in line with our Covid 19 Risk Assessment.
  2. Implement a self check in procedure. You will be given a key code prior to your arrival. The key box is located at your Shepherds Hut.
  3. Avoid any maintenance work within the accommodation while guests are staying unless it it absolutely essential or an emergency.
  4. Maintain a safe 2m social distance at all times.
  5. Rotate books and soft furnishings between guests.
  6. Keep ourselves updated by regularly reading the Visit Wales News Bulletin – Coronavirus (COVID 19) Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses.
  7. Monitor and revise our Covid 19 Risk Assessment in line with changes in Government Coronavirus Restrictions and Guidance.

Guests With Covid 19 Symptoms

Do not resume plans to holiday with us at Cae Main Shepherds Huts if either member of the booking party of someone living within the same household develops any Covid 19 symptoms prior to their stay.

Should anyone in the booking party develop any Covid 19 symptoms during their stay, both guests staying in the Shepherds Hut are requested to return home. The symptomatic guest should then arrange a Covid 19 test and self isolate in line with Government Guidelines. Please inform us of the outcome of this test.

Should a guest develop Covid 19 symptoms immediately after their stay, the guest must inform us as soon as possible. DAM 06/06/2021